upcoming shows

April-July 2020 – The Damsel: A Visual Album Collaboration- Richmond, VA

4 thoughts on “upcoming shows

  1. Have tried thru the above to purchase but wanted to charge me $20 fee. So I tried thrubthe email provided to contact you. Would love to pic it up at ressless moon! Please contact me as soon as possible


    1. You can email me at Jessica.camilli.art@gmail.com
      I live in Richmond and I took down the show last week. If you don’t mind waiting for the piece I can deliver it next time I am in Harrisonburg (shouldn’t be too long as my best friend lives there). Otherwise you can order it through the online shop and I will ship it to you ASAP. Also if you want to do payment through the online shop but don’t want to pay the shipping fee and have me deliver it, you can enter the code MOONS at checkout which removes shipping costs.


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